About Redboy Security & Protection

The Security Industry

However you Visualize It, security remains One Of The Top Priorities In Today's Modern Business environment. It Is This Priority Based On Which REDBOY Services And Success are Envisioned. REDBOY Is Committed To Ensuring This Freedom And Safe Guarding Their Clients Against Any Hindrance Towards Fully Developing Their Human Potential.

It Is The Need Of The Modern World That Brings A Team Of Security Service Professionals Having Clear And Strong Expertise In Various Domains Of security services, To Formulate REDBOY Using Their international Expertise, REDBOY Shall Induct Unique Security Standards, And Concepts Into Indian Enterprises.

Our Vision

REDBOY is based on the philosophy of mutual trust, being prompt in responding to the client's needs while offering intelligent ensuring solutions, and defining new heights of reliability.

Our vision is to deliver the best quality systems, services, and solutions to residential, small, and medium business, corporate and government clients at competitive prices through superior service delivery, world-class talent, and applied technology innovation, in short, providing them with independence, privacy and uninterrupted.

Chairman's Message

Mr. Raj Shetty - Chairman & Managing Worker

The UN Commission on Human Security defines human security as the protection of "the vital sort of all human lives in ways that enhance human freedoms and human fulfillment. Human security means protecting fundamental freedoms — freedoms that are the essence of life.

It means protecting people from critical and persuasive threats and situations. It means using processes that build on people's strengths and aspirations. It means creating political, social, environmental, economic, military and cultural systems that together give people the building blocks of survival, livelihood and dignity".

"Securing your future today"